Thank you & Congratulations!

Congratulations everyone!

As you may or may not be aware, Nice Time Arts was fortunate enough on Monday to get to the final round of One Manchester’s Community Soup Funding!

Vicky and I went along, I did a rushed and waffly pitch (every community group gets 4 minutes), and then members of the communities of Levvy, Hulme & Gorton are invited to vote, alongside the groups pitching. Four groups won three prizes, and each of the projects that pitched sounded amazing.

So while we didn’t win this time around, we understand that we did super well to get to this stage, especially being such a technically ‘new’ group, and want to say best of luck and congratulations to all the winners! (Especially Men’s Sheds, a project very close to my heart).

It was great to meet everyone, and find out ways we can work together in the future.


Nice Time x

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