Firstly, we hope that you and those close to you are as well as can be during this very difficult time. Disabled and chronically ill people are disproportionately affected by new viruses, and as the media has made us painfully aware, this is sadly no different with the current coronavirus.

Unsurprisingly, we have no live events scheduled yet for this year in alignment with government guidelines and for the sake of everyone’s physical health. Well, that’s the sad bit of news out of the way, so bring on the good news and let’s end this post on a high!

Online & Accessible

We are really keen to continue to offer some form of creative social support throughout this time, as this is a very difficult time during which socialising and creative distraction could not be more important.

So, we are currently organising an online Spoonie Artists hangout to take place later in April/early May, and are looking into other ways of keeping our community going online in a safe and accessible manner. This might include blog posts with suggested DIY arts & crafts activities, inputs from our Zine Club, video tutorials, a private discussion forum on our website or quite simply a wider range of accessible ways to hang out online/at a distance.

If there is anything in particular that sounds fabulous to you in the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch either via email: or via mobile: 07539371070 [text only].

What works best for you?

If you are able to, we would really appreciate it if you could fill in and share this short survey that we have put together.

It can be filled in directly below, where it is embedded into the page, or alternatively you can be emailed a link, a large-print Word document, or posted a printed copy with a prepaid return envelope. Just get in touch with us via one of the usual ways; or text 07539371070