Are you fed up of being told how you ‘should’ be coping with your health conditions by professionals who don’t seem to know what any of it feels like? Have you had enough of people suggesting carrot juice and the Keto diet will ‘cure’ various aspects of your life?

Well, maybe you will have more fun at our highly unique – and shiny new – F-ART (fun-art) Course.

We are hosting a first taster & sign-up session on Thursday 15th August, 5-7pm at the lovely Yard Theatre in Hulme. This session is suitable for potential self-referring participants as well as professionals who are considering referring people they work with to the programme.

A professionally humorous, empathetic AND serious take on some evidence-based elements of CBT and Art Therapy, this 8 week course is focussed on the wonders of coping for distraction and doodling both to untangle your head and for the sheer sake of doodling.

Click here to book a ticket.

You can bring your own notebook, order a super nice one with your ticket or pop us a message telling us to get something in for you.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donations are recommended from those who can afford it either at the event or via one of the online methods in the side bar to the right.

This is a key principle of our arts practice, which is why every donation from those who can afford it is extremely valuable and goes a long way.

The application for to register for the first cohort can be downloaded & returned to the email address below.

Please email ellie@nice-time.co.uk if you would like the document in any other form.

See you Thursday!