Hello friends,

As you might be aware we are signed up to EasyFundraising.org

This means you (or even better, your office!) can shop at your usual favourite big retailers as you would do, but the EasyFundraising Chrome extension lets the massive uber company know to donate some of their money to us!

I’ve been super late on realising that this week was the double-donation week and that it ends on Monday!

Anyway, if any of you are partial to some online shopping over the weekend, please click the link below and think of us. Every penny makes a difference and contributes towards our accessible arts programme!

Lots of love




(Don’t shop at any of the logos that crop up that are super baddies (lookin atchoo amazon), obvs, but if you order regularly or even better you work somewhere that does big orders regularly, please sign up to this as the fat cats in the big corps will donate us money as u go about ur usual online business. Thank u  <3 )

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