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We’re currently crowdfunding for the following items to set up our press and printing game, a vital part of our sustainability model as a small press and printers, as well as a key piece of equipment for our community storytelling and zine-making workshops

  • Risograph printer (quoted approx. £1000)
  • Two Risograph barrels + inks (£500)
  • A mini printing-press (£239)
  • Industrial paper-cutter (between £200-500)

Although it’s a large initial expense to buy the risograph machine and drums, the inks and prints, moving forward, are reasonably priced. They are widely known for being better value than most other standard printing techniques or fine art processes.

This means we can make and duplicate really stunning prints cheaply, and we can give these prints away really cheaply too; hopefully even give some away for free. This is important to us because it means that there isn’t a financial barrier to someone owning something we make – whether it’s a print or zine.

We don’t want to make work that is just for rich people to enjoy; poor and marginalised folks deserve nice things too!