About Us

What we’re about

Nice Time is an arts organisation based in Manchester, that provides creative courses, workshops, socials, and other events.

Our main focus is accessibility: we believe the arts should be for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to make or enjoy art for themselves. We know that is often practically not the case, and many people face find themselves excluded from arts education, opportunities, and spaces.

We organise events in spaces that are wheelchair accessible, and aim to make them as affordable as possible (and free whenever we can!)

Who we are

Ellie Page is an experienced counsellor, facilitator and youth worker. Over the last two years, she’s relied on constant art-making in order to cope in the face of adversity. Her various chronic illnesses and mobility issues took severe turns for the worse, so she set up craftivist network and website, Still Ill OK, and runs a stationery, stickers and supplies shop, Stationary N’ Stationery.

an illustrated image of a women with long hair and glasses. There are items surrounding her: paintbrush, pencil, pencil sharpener, pen, plant, book, paintVicky Stevenson is an artist and organiser. After graduating from studying Illustration at the University of Brighton, she set up a queer feminist zine and book shop called pen fight. She’s also part of the queer arts collective, Fatty Acid.

The Future

Our ultimate long-term aim is to learn from the projects we’ll be working on over the next year with the view of eventually creating our own physically and affordably accessible arts space for community use.

We will also be continually applying for funding and fundraising for the following costs more generally:

  • rent of accessible spaces around Greater Manchester for our workshops and art programmes
  • set up and overhead costs, such as our studio upkeep & administrative costs
  • access budget: we don’t want the cost of travel to prevent people from accessing our programmes
  • art materials for workshops
  • salaries for the pair of us so we can focus on expanding our community offer full time
  • wages for visiting artists and performers who will partner in delivering workshops