Hello, friends!

Nice Time Arts LLP is a new partnership focused on accessible creative practice, formed by Vicky of Pen Fight and Ellie of Still Ill OK.

We had a great soft launch throughout August, so thank you so much to everyone who came to our sessions and joined in. Things will be slightly quieter over the next few weeks as we unpack, rebrand slightly (you’ll be happy to know Vicky will be doing this, not Ellie!), nabbing some juicy funding and preparing for our formal programme launch.

We offer a programme of specialist art programmes and workshops solely in wheelchair accessible venues.

We are currently liaising with our key venues regarding dates and times for the following particular workshops as well as our regular groups and more tailored programmes:

  • Pimp My Mobility Aid
  • Bullet Journal Method & Practice
  • Drawing Games
  • Back to College #bujo (16-18yrs only)
  • F-Art Journalling: the disorganised, tired and fun way to doodle your way through hours of pain and frustration!
  • Badge Making & Protest Art
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Poetry Spokeshops
  • Painting with Watercolours
  • Marbling Workshop

Regular affordable and fun sessions!

We coordinate a range of creative groups that will run regularly, including a monthly Queer Craft Club, monthly Zine Workshop and twice monthly #spoonieartist group.

We offer a one-to-one support, mentoring and facilitation service.

We can help to coordinate the creative practice of artists who have found barriers to their practice, or showing their work, over the years for whatever reasons. Application forms for this service will be available by the end of August and applicants from communities who have previously experienced barriers to furthering their creative activity will be prioritised.

We offer a variety of flexible volunteering and training opportunities for adults.

This includes specific training and a tailored volunteer role that suits your requirements and goals. If you are interested, please email info@nice-time.co.uk for more information on how to get involved.

We will provide freely available craftivist resources via our website library.

Just sign up to our newsletter once it’s launched and you will have free access to a range of creative materials. We are always looking to make these materials more accessible and will be holding an open coffee morning soon where everyone is invited to come and share their thoughts on how we can practice as accessibly as possible!

Our Printing Service

We’re currently crowdfunding for the following items to set up our press and printing game, a vital part of our sustainability model as a small press and printers, as well as a key piece of equipment for our community storytelling and zine-making workshops

  • Risograph printer (quoted approx. £1000)
  • Two Risograph barrels + inks (£500)
  • A mini printing-press (£239)
  • Industrial paper-cutter (between £200-500)

Although it’s a large initial expense to buy the risograph machine and drums, the inks and prints, moving forward, are reasonably priced. They are widely known for being better value than most other standard printing techniques or fine art processes.

This means we can make and duplicate really stunning prints cheaply, and we can give these prints away really cheaply too; hopefully even give some away for free. This is important to us because it means that there isn’t a financial barrier to someone owning something we make – whether it’s a print or zine.

We don’t want to make work that is just for rich people to enjoy; poor and marginalised folks deserve nice things too!

So what does the future hold for Nice Time Arts?

Our ultimate long-term aim is to learn from the projects we’ll be working on over the next year with the view of eventually creating our own physically and affordably accessible arts space for community use.

We will also be continually applying for funding and fundraising for the following costs more generally:

  • rent of accessible spaces around Greater Manchester for our workshops and art programmes
  • set up and overhead costs, such as our studio upkeep & administrative costs
  • access budget: we don’t want the cost of travel to prevent people from accessing our programmes
  • art materials for workshops
  • salaries for the pair of us so we can focus on expanding our community offer full time
  • wages for visiting artists and performers who will partner in delivering workshops

You can donate via our Just Giving page or by clicking one of the links on the right.

If you would like to donate in kind, or contribute via another platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.